The lovely things our community say about us

  • Adeline Rozario
    The community you are creating is making all of us stronger, through collaborations and supporting each other with our different strengths.
  • Nicola Schauerman
    What a brilliant portal you've built. I've done a lot of online applications over the years and yours has been the best experience. The interface is great and I really like the way it presents uploaded and embedded media. If I'm ever in a position to recommend Zealous, I will.
    Genetic Moo, Digital Artist
  • María González
    We love Zealous as we feel that they have the same ethos, supporting emerging artists, communities and small arts organisations, helping them/ us to reach their goals and grow.
    Lon-art (Founder)
  • Elizabeth Mizon
    Zealous is remarkable. This is the first time I’ve come across a promotional profile that so easily allows submission to numerous competitions and opportunities. Really happy to be a part of it
  • Peter Babbage
    I found it useful to be able to upload the content I wanted and have the option to go back and edit before finally submitting.
    Performance Artist
  • Grace Erskine Crum
    I cannot thank the Zealous team enough, without them I wouldn’t have found the competition. Zealous made the application process very simple and easy to use and is full of a great variety of work.

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