Continuing to support you during COVID

Updated – January 2021

Continuing to support you at the time

We realise the most meaningful action we can undertake at this time is to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are available to creators.

For that reason, we are giving organisations who directly support creative talent discounts, to simplify their submissions and selection using Zealous. The more supportive organisations are of creative talent, the deeper the discount  (you don’t need to be a charity or a registered company).

Our hope is that by saving time and money in creating and managing opportunities; we guarantee opportunities are created for the creative community that we serve.

Call us to discover your discount

‪+44 20 8142 8874‬

or email [email protected]

* offer valid until 31st of May 2021

  • Simplify your Submissions
    Generate a demo you can experience immediately.
  • Submit to exciting opportunities
    takes 2 minutes 🙂