Commissioning exciting new talent for a conference

Capcon infused their conference with creativity by commissioning two multidisciplinary artists to create work to be enjoyed by their audience.

In brief

1-month project
~100 Submissions

Capcon commissioned two exciting multidisciplinary projects through Zealous by

  • Saving time through automating emails
  • Including unlimited media in each submission
  • Reaching out to our multidisciplinary community

Infusing a conference with creativity

In addition to running a successful photography festival, Belfast Photo Festival recently launch Capcon – an interactive conference celebrating the creative uses of new technology across film, gaming, animation, and immersive technology.

As part of the conference, Capcon saught to support talent doing exciting work by putting £10,000 toward commissioning two works. The works could be from across any discipline with a broad focus on lens-based practices.

The right talent in very little time

With tight timelines it was important for Capcon’s process to be as efficient as possible.

  • Automated emails kept candidates, judges, and the organisation updated at each step of the process. Allowing Capcon to focus on what mattered most to them – marketing their initiatives and choosing the right talent for their commission.
  • Zealous supported Capcon’s own marketing efforts by recommending their opportunity to our growing network of multidisciplinary creators.
  • Judging online, allowed the selection of talent to be made remotely during COVID.

Take submissions in minutes

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