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Save days on admin from the moment you draft your call, to announcing your final selection.


Get more entries with clear applicant journeys, keeping track of progress in real-time.


Simplify the process of gathering input from judges, and keep track of their progress at each step.

Save time managing your residency

  • View progress in real-time on your dashboard
  • Customisable application & selection process
  • Automate key dates & emails
  • Your branded page – no coding required
  • Let candidates best portray their skills with unlimited rich media uploads
  • Supplement marketing with our network
  • Draft at any time, and publish when you’re ready

Delight applicants

  • Let candidates edit applications until close
  • Accept any kind of media (images, videos, 3D models…)
  • Save applicants time, with project reuse
  • Boost submissions with automatic reminders
  • Access all candidates’ contact details
  • GDPR compliant

Effortless judging

  • Invite your team/trustees to judge
  • Remove bias with anonymous judging
  • Assess candidates in multiple rounds
  • Beautiful and simple judging journey
  • Involve your community with public voting
  • Environmentally friendly (no paper!)

Select candidates with ease

  • Directly contact applicants at any time
  • Easily mix digital & real-world selection
  • Access applicants’ information from anywhere
  • View candidates’ full portfolio
  • Easily search for specific candidates
  • Save time, automate result emails
  • Download a PDF archive of submissions

Fair pricing

  • No annual contacts. Choose to pay monthly if you want.
  • No limits on programs, judges, or uploaded files.
  • No hidden charges for setting up or onboarding.
  • No lock-ins. Download your data and cancel your subscription once your residency is over.
  • Risk-free. Get your first submissions for free.

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