Providing profound insights into how gender shapes lives

Global Health 50/50 received above a thousand entries. Zealous allowed them to grow their submissions and save time; empowering them to celebrate the richer diversity of stories submitted to them.

In brief

1,000 submissions across 65 countries
2x more entries than previous year

Global Health 50/50 increased submissions and saved time administrating their prize:

  • Managing submissions globally
  • Automate rounds & messaging
  • Make it easy for judges to view all information for candidates in their own time

Visualising gender

Global Health 50/50 is an independent research initiative that informs, inspires and incites action and accountability for gender equality and health equity.

As part of their incredible work, Global Health 50/50 runs “This is Gender” an annual photography competition to counter pervasive gender blindness.

The 2021 edition drew together a panel of international experts to select 30 images from across the world that explore gender in all its diversity during the pandemic.

A notable increase in submissions

This is Gender attracted 1,000 submissions celebrating 1,000 moments of 1,000 different lives, across 65 countries in the world. Global Health 50/50 saved time and grew their impact using Zealous by:

  • Setting up their competition in a matter of minutes
  • Keeping an eye on submissions in real-time
  • Managing a complex judging process involving several rounds with different external judges.
  • Automating rounds and messages to candidates and judges

Advancing action for gender equality

The competition provided profound insights into how gender shapes people’s lives in a time of unprecedented social pressure and crisis. The photographs make visible what it means to be a gendered body in a time of pandemic and reveal a systematic failure to address gender in the global pandemic response.

Vibrant, dynamic, and defiant, the works disrupt gender blindness and demand to be seen despite the gender blindness of the COVID-19 response and have gathered exposure in the national media.

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