Supporting disadvantaged children with an art prize


Managed 15+ prizes on Zealous
Increased their scope with time saved on administration

The sovereign art foundation increased submissions and saved time administrating their prize:

  • Managing submissions globally from one place
  • Make it easy for judges to compare submissions in their own time
  • Reducing queries by simplifying the process of submitting

Supporting disadvantaged children through art

The Sovereign Asian Foundation Art Prize was founded to increase the international exposure of artists based across the Asia-Pacific region and raises funds auctioning shortlisted artworks to support disadvantaged children through expressive arts.

The Prize is now recognised as the most established and prestigious annual art award in Asia-Pacific and has so far raised over US$9 million for artists and charities worldwide.

Growing their Prize

The Sovereign Art Foundation have used Zealous to expand the size and scope of their prizes.

  • Creating a global hub for applicants and judges to use across different time zones
  • Control how many submissions each candidate can make
  • Enable judges to easily compare entries and mark them in their own time
  • Customise Zealous to satisfy the individual needs of multiple competitions

Shedding a light on talent in the Asia-Pac region

The Art Prize rewards the grand prize winner with $30,000 and was crafted to act as a springboard for artists to achieve record prices and wider audiences for their work. Notable successes include Adrian Wong, Debbie Han, Haris Purnomo, Jeongmee Yoon, Qi Zhi Long, Rashid Rana and Yang Yongliang, amongst others.

Recently the Sovereign Art Foundation has also introduced a parallel prize in partnership with Vogue to celebrate women artists.

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