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Program Managers

Save days on admin from the moment you draft your call, to announcing your final selection.


Get more entries with clear applicant journeys, keeping track of progress in real-time.


Simplify the process of gathering input from judges, and keep track of their progress at each step.

Scale your contests

  • From your first submission to publishing the results. Save time with one submission manager
  • Keep track of progress on your real-time dashboard
  • Customise a page for your band without touching a line of code
  • Remove payment reconciliation on third parties. Take payments, raise invoices and issue refunds directly on Zealous
  • Tailor your selection process & application form
  • Automatically email candidates and judges on key dates
  • Fair and flexible monthly or annual packages
  • Scalable & secure infrastructure

More entries, less admin

  • Allow candidates to keep submissions as drafts and complete them later
  • Highly visual. Tailor applications in the format of your choice with images, videos, text, documents, 3D models…with no limits on uploads
  • Reduce the chance of dropouts. Collect fees as the submission is made
  • Allow entrants to edit applications up to the deadline, or lock them as they are made
  • Bank-level security payments
  • Reduce communications overheads with automated emails to candidates at every step (e.g. reminders to complete entry)
  • Save entrants time. Let candidates submit projects from their portfolios

A joy for judges

  • Let the jury score entries securely, from anywhere in their own time (no app downloaded needed)
  • A simple visually striking interface which needs no explanation
  • Easy judge assignment with categories and manual assignment
  • Speed up scoring with automatic navigation
  • Grow your audiences with public voting
  • Setup scoring criteria and weights that best suit you
  • Choose candidates across as many rounds as needed
  • Banish bias with anonymous judging

Select candidates with ease

  • Make decisions quickly with all entry information in one place
  • Publish results for any round online at the touch of a button
  • Search, filter and sort thousands of submissions quickly
  • Simplify even the largest contests with bulk processing
  • Unlock entries for editing to clean up entries before they are published
  • View entries by the same candidates with related entries
  • Contact entrants directly
  • The planet will thank you with a paperless process

Transparent pricing

  • No annual contacts. Choose to pay monthly if you want.
  • No limits on programmes, judges, or uploaded files.
  • No hidden charges for setting up or onboarding.
  • No lock-ins. Download your data and cancel your subscription once your contest is over.
  • Risk-free. Get your first submissions for free.

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