Zealous Stories: Short Film 2022 winner Lucy Werrett is an award-winning director and photographer working across Bristol and London. Her films and photography tell evocative and authentic stories in a soft and dreamlike way.

HOMEBOUND by Lucy Werrett

Congratulations on winning Zealous Stories: Short Film! Your winning film, ‘HOMEBOUND’, is an experimental documentary which explores a retrospective look at the first lockdown. How did you find making work about such a difficult time?

It was a total rollercoaster actually with a real mixture of emotions! I think I’m always someone who needs a coping mechanism when something bad is happening so the film was a great creative outlet for that. On the one side making the film was like therapy for myself, my producer, and contributors as it felt like we weren’t alone in our struggles. We were connected by being disconnected and it enabled us to process what has happened, see the bigger picture, and feel connected to the world around us. The film focused our minds on what truly matters. It did also at times become quite heavy mentally, going over the same distressing stories and feeling like I was stuck in time.

Behind the scenes of HOMEBOUND

The film itself was created by a female-led crew, consisting of some of the finest up-and-coming creative freelancers in Bristol. What was the process of choosing who you wanted to work with?

I chose talented people that I’ve worked with before, who make me feel comfortable and I have good working relationships with. And then I had a few creatives on my radar who I was itching to work with, Jamie Harding (one of my DOP’s) was someone I always wanted to work with, and this project was good for seeing how we worked together. Me and my sound designer, Jennifer Hartley, were in talks about working on something and I knew she would do an amazing job, she had a high level of technicality and her modern electronic production style had hints of sci-fi tones which was what I was after.

HOMEBOUND by Lucy Werrett

Whether it be film or photography, your work always tells authentic stories. How do you decide what stories you are going to tell?

It must relate to me in some shape or form that could be the subject, emotionally or even visually. I’m drawn to valuable and timeless stories, and I like to tell stories that I think could become lost if not documented.  I’m interested in culture, music, fashion, communities, and real-life stories – a real mixed bag.

MOEGLI FEAT. KOUBA – MAXIMUM BLACK, directed by Lucy Werrett

Your portfolio is quite varied, as you have also worked on a lot of music videos. What is your favourite music video you have worked on?

Definitely MOEGLI FEAT. KOUBA – MAXIMUM BLACK! I got to work with the incredible Alessandro Babalola (cast member from Top Boy). This production had so many different setups, cast members and dancers so it was fun, high energy and rewarding.

HOMEBOUND by Lucy Werrett

It is great to see that you have gotten to work with so many different clients and work on so many amazing projects, as well as being nominated for Best Film and winning Best Documentary at BFI Future Film Fest. What piece of advice would you give to emerging creatives?

I think just keep producing work and build your portfolio, apply for grants, competitions, schemes, or traineeships. The experimenting aspect will teach you what you like, and you’ll find your fitting. Surround yourself with people whose work you like and make sure you are following those people on all platforms and connecting with them. Be patient and persistent! Don’t be afraid to ask people for help and advice. Watch loads of films, go to film festivals, read books, or use different tools to inspire you.

HOMEBOUND by Lucy Werrett

Is there anything you’re working on right now?

Yes, I’m working on my debut photo book “Fast and Fusion”. It explores community, confidence, expression, and escapism through these fearless dancers in the suburban Southwest. I’m also sitting on a few artist profile docs and working on new doc ideas. Excited to get the ball rolling!

To view more of Lucy’s work, you can go to her website or Instagram.

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