Meet the Amplify Environment Shortlist

As Zealous Amplify: Environment is reaching its final results, we are excited to share with you our 20 shortlisted artists.

Helen Grundy

‘Pill Poppers’ by Helen Grundy

Helen Grundy is contemporary fine artist based in Birmingham, UK, working primarily in digital and paper collages.

Helen wanted to explore the psychology of denial for this call out. We are more aware than ever about the damage that is being done to the planet and the prognosis for the future, if we don’t make big changes to how we live, is bleak. Even so, many people don’t want to face the crisis. She wanted to create an advertisement for a drug aimed at people who were upset by the end of the world but didn’t want to experience the worry, or make any changes to their lives.

You can find more of Helen’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Roberta Mason

‘Seagrass Superhero’ by Roberta Mason

Roberta Mason is an artist, designer, and maker working mostly with glass. 

Seagrass Superhero is a set of 3, collaborative, free blown sculptures made from re-melted waste glass inspired by seagrass to bring attention to the crucial role seagrass meadows play in improving biodiversity and sequestering massive amounts of carbon to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

You can find more of Roberta’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Jenny T

‘On This Planet’ by Jenny T

Jenny is an illustrator with a strong interest in editorial, murals, self-publishing and narrative work.

Jenny organised a group illustrated exhibition to raise funds for World Land Trust’s “Buy an Acre” Scheme, where £100 = 1 Acre of land bought and protected for wildlife. This included designing a website, signage, frames, marketing materials, printing all the illustrations and creating 3 animal sculptures. Over 20 contemporary illustrators kindly donated their time to create illustrations around an animal who were threatened by habitat loss. Funds raised from print sales went to the Scheme.

You can find more of Jenny’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Hyunsoo Alice Kim

‘BioPython’ by Hyunsoo Alice Kim

Hyunsoo Alice Kim is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, merchandiser, researcher, and educator based in New York, and Seoul

This ongoing sustainable leather research reveals critical issues of environmental pollution, animal rights, and human welfare behind the leather industry. Her focus is on reducing water waste and chemical use, suggesting energy-efficient and ethical leather production.

You can find more of Hyunsoo’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Nayan and Venus

‘The Last Song’ by Nayan and Venus

“The Paper Ark,” is an artistic collaboration between artist Duo Nayan and Venus. The creator of all the tiny paper cut sculptures at The Paper Ark is Nayan. Born in Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India), he is a furniture and interior design graduate. Watercolour artist Venus Bird (earlier known as Vaishali)  is also an avid birder and hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India).

‘The Last Song’ is stop motion animation created using miniature paper relief artwork hand painted with watercolours. This is a song of Kauaʻi ʻōʻō bird from Hawai’i islands singing for his mate but she never replies because he is the only last one left of his species.

You can find more of The Paper Ark’s work on their website and Instagram. 

Antoaneta Tica

‘(un) Star the Sea’ by Antoaneta Tica

Antoaneta Tica is a Romanian lecturer, costume designer and visual artist.

‘(un) Star the Sea’ is made of 300 PET bottoms from recycled plastic bottles. Starfish, an important element in the trophic chain, are more and more threatened by increasing water pollution. Their disappearance would negatively influence the entire marine life.

You can find more of Antoaneta’s work on her Instagram. 

Carol Sogard

‘Endangered Seas’ by Carol Sogard

Carol Sogard is a designer, educator, and community-engaged artist who currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

‘Endangered Seas’ is pattern design which functions as both a single piece of artwork scaled to any dimension or a wallpaper pattern. Fading from full color to gray it is part of a pattern design series titled: Wallpapers for a Dying Planet.

You can find more of Carol’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Pamela Schilderman

‘Gorgonium sapianum’ by Pamela Schilderman

Pamela Schilderman is an artist whose mixed-media interdisciplinary practice is influenced by science and explores notions of identity and individuality through repetition. 

‘Gorgonium sapianum’ is a glass, blood, methanol sculpture which links the artist through blood with Gorgonian black fan coral to challenge the position of humans at the top of the classic evolution chain. Corals are available to buy despite endangered status. Pamela wanted to draw attention to their fragility and value.

You can find more of Pamela’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Luca Sági

‘Flood protection neckpiece’ by Luca Sági

Luca Sági is a jewellery designer ands maker who is trying to find harmony between design, craft, and the freedom of art.

‘Flood protection neckpiece’ reflects on a global issue, the water crisis. How does water influence our environment and how do we as humans have an effect on it? What can the consequences be of the pollution which we produce? Luca investigates the questions of interdependence, cause-effect, actions and reactions. The PP sandbags refer to the paradox, that we protect ourselves and our values against flooding with materials whose production contributes greatly to the formation of floods. By wearing the heavy object we can barely breathe as having a drowning experience.

You can find more of Luca’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Luminara Star Florescu

‘Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)’ by Luminara Star Florescu

Luminara Florescu is a British born artist, curator, artist mentor and mother based in rural Somerset.

‘Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)’ is an immersive film installation which presents a filmic exploration that delves into the profound act of resting in nature. Capturing local natural landscapes, including the enchanting Lavender and Sunflower Fields near Castle Cary, the viewer is invited to rest to gain time, space and stillness to re-imagine who we are in relationship to nature.

You can find more of Luminara’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Lucy Roberts

‘Travesty’s Auction Catalogues’ by Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts practice is concerned with the interaction between people, everyday objects, the environment, and how the value of these concepts can influence what is rendered important for the future.

The Travesty’s Auction House series is a trilogy of zines which progressively explores value, the climate and the future. The zines all take the format of satirical auction catalogues, through which objects progressively build a dystopian narrative.

You can find more of Lucy’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Ziyue Wang and Alicia Leonie Waibel

‘Hypernature’ by Ziyue Wang and Alicia Leonie Waibel

Ziyue Wang graduated from UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, she works in an integrative and multidisciplinary realm of art, design, and technology, with a particular interest in the audiovisual discourse. Alicia Waibel is a recent graduate from the March Design for Performance and Interaction programme at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in London with a former degree in Interior Architecture.

Hypernature reveals the fragility of our sound ecology through an immersive audio-visual experience. The artists simulate the evolution of a natural soundscape based on the effects of climate change. The project represents emergent soundscapes with twelve synthetic birds in a spherical coordinate system, moving around a listener.

You can find more of Ziyue and Alicia’s work on their Instagram. 

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

‘The Blue Fig’ by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer, photojournalist, filmmaker and visual artist.

‘The Blue Fig’ depicts four fishermen’s families bringing their remaining storage of food to the table. They are locals of an island adjacent to the Sundarbans Forest in Bangladesh, where they live in harsh conditions. The river constantly erodes lands, cyclones are an annual affair, and relocation is real threat.’

You can find more of Mohammed’s work on his website and Instagram. 

Olana Light

‘Fly Like a Butterfly’ by Olana Light

Olana Light is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. Her practice moves between sculpture, performance, and moving images and reflects the multiplicities of identity and a never-ending pursuit of belonging.

‘Fly Like a Butterfly’ is representative of my conviction of our ability to grow and transform. The butterfly is a powerful metaphor for transformation: it begins life in one form – born as a caterpillar – before a period of dormancy, during which it transforms to leave the safety of the cocoon in its new form as a butterfly.

You can find more of Olana’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Liz Clifford

‘On Thin Soil’ by Liz Clifford

Liz Clifford is a visual artist, working across media in response to human intervention in the landscape.

‘On Thin Soil’ is an outdoor sited sculpture built of man-made detritus salvaged from an eroded track on an ancient wooded hillside. It contains a ‘rescued’ beech sapling and moss living ‘on thin soil’. This work addresses issues of plastic pollution, fossil-fueled recreation and biodiversity loss.

You can find more of Liz’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Stevie Ronnie

I Dream of Canute (& The Sea is Rising)

All of this will disappear
but forgive me, if I may only keep
all tomorrow’s dancing days
& my little sister’s laugh.
My remembers fit neatly into them
(into you, dear sea, your salt)
because, without love, nothing
save this fistful of flowers.
No mam calling me in, no mam
to make the sun sit on the dunes.
For the first time I am leaving
so I offer you this nest of words
& fold you under its feathers
like the secrets from my brother’s head
(the ones that stay the longest).

Stevie Ronnie

Stevie Ronnie is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Northumberland with a background in computing. His medium is all media and his work lives in the gaps between his three tongues.

‘I Dream of Canute (& The Sea is Rising)’ is a digital public artwork in the form of a 100-year poem that destroys itself at a rate linked to global sea level rise. The poem began in 2016.

You can find more of Stevie’s work on his website.

Sam Williams

‘Deep in The Eye and The Belly’ by Sam Williams

Sam Williams is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice, working across moving-image, collage, choreography and text. 

‘Deep in The Eye and The Belly’ is an ongoing body of work entwining stories of cetacean bodies with imagined oceanic futures in which these bodies become shelter for humans who returned to the oceans in the wake of climate collapse.

You can find more of Sam’s work on his website and Instagram. 

Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt

‘Kryophone’ by Scenocosme

As media artists, Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt, explore capacities of technologies in order to draw sensitive relationships through specific stagings where senses are augmented. Their works came from possible hybridizations between the living world and technology which meeting points incite them to invent sensitive and poetic languages.

‘Kryophone’ is a sonorous and luminous interactive sculpture made of ice. This interactive sculpture is composed with ice and reacts to the electrostatic touch of bodies. Sounds and light evolve according to the intensity of electrostatic contact.

You can find more of Scenocosme’s work on their website and Instagram. 

Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

‘The Earth is our home’ by Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

Mithail Afrige Chowdhury is a documentary and street photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the top plastic polluted country in the world. Bangladesh generates approximately 3000 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Most of it end up in landfills and waterbodies causing serious threats to environment. Environmentalists say that plastic can exist in soil and water for years as it is not biodegradable and it may turn into leachate, get mixed with food chain and enter human body. Mitahail’s photographic series demonstrate our relationship to the environment.

You can find more of Mithail’s work on his website and Instagram. 

Zillah Bowes

‘ALLOWED’ by Zillah Bowes

Zillah Bowes is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice in film, photography poetry, installation and sculpture, often combining disciplines. With a spiritual enquiry around climate change and biodiversity, her work frequently explores the relationship between the individual and the natural environment.

ALLOWED is a film using 3D-animated photographs of wild urban growth in Cardiff, Wales. Plants and flowers are allowed to grow wild, with green spaces uncut, inviting new pollinators and wildlife. Following a lyrical spoken journey through the city, ALLOWED re-examines our relationship with urban plant life in the context of biodiversity loss and the climate crisis.

You can find more of Zillah’s work on her website and Instagram. 


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