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 Introducing four illustrators on Zealous who consistently produce engaging work and seamlessly merge illustration with storytelling. These artists share an inviting playful aesthetic, illuminating familiar themes encountered in everyday life.

Debora Szpilman

Rio de Janeiro

Debora Szpilman

Paris-based Debora Szpilman is an independent illustrator and print designer. Debora was born in Brazil where she primarily studied architecture. Her fascination with the body and aesthetics led her to later study fashion at a training institute in Paris. After having worked two years alongside fashion icon, Azzedine Alaïa, Debora continued to explore her sensitivity and feelings through her illustrations.

Debora’s experiences have hugely shaped her aesthetic. Her work is an amalgamation of femininity, the body, nature and emotion. There is an ethereal element to her work which renders her illustrations effortlessly whimsical.

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Yulong Li

Quantified Self

 Quantified Self 

Yulong Lli

Yulong is a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator. His main point of exploration is how his ego fits into the world around him.

One of Yulong’s personal series of illustrations, ‘Quantified Self’, tackles his concern towards the influence of collecting and analysing data for a better quality of life.

YL: “You might have noticed that almost everything is connected to quantification nowadays, such as music preference on iTunes, food recommendations on Yelp or workout plans on fitness apps, etc. They are all based on the immense data that is collected and monitored from your daily life. If we make all the selections based on the data and personal preference so that it might stop us from experiencing new things, will this so called ‘quantified self’ lead us to a better future?”

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Jamie Edler


Jamie Edler

Bristol born illustrator Jamie currently resides in East London. Jamie’s witty illustrations frequently reference topical social and environmental issues that are of relevance to him. These weighty matters are expressed in an approachable and light-hearted manner which successfully fuel humour, whilst maintaining their gravity.

Travel has had a huge impact on Jamie’s aesthetic preferences. Berlin and China have been a significant source of inspiration for him, and this is apparent through elements such as the Chinese logograms that repeatedly feature throughout his work.

Jamie’s ‘Dating Series’ incorporates a selection of images from a self-initiated project that he created on relationships. It is a tongue-in-cheek poster series combining illustration and storytelling.

Text on image: “A tale of love on an island far, far away. The summer glare stops you from seeing anything apart from what is in front of you.”

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Alessandra Genualdo

Rose Wallpaper 

Alessandra Genualdo

Italian illustrator Alessandra works from her East London studio accompanied by her dog Kira! The soft palette and curious figures conjure reflections of solitude, nature and the female body.

The women in Alessandra’s paintings mirror her own ever-changing perception of herself. Their Ophelia-like attributes, pale complexions and pursed pink lips look as if they have been plucked straight from a fairy-tale. Somewhat autobiographical, these characters are a personal reflection of herself, as well as representations of women that she identifies with or aspires to be.

All the women share a sense of vulnerability, appearing deep in thought – nevertheless, loneliness is often salvaged by the accompaniment of a pet, book or plant.

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