Grants For The Arts: A Funding Toolkit

Grants For The Arts: A Funding Toolkit

You’re a creative, you have a vision for a great piece of art, but you can’t do it alone. You need funding for space, equipment, you need time. Where do you turn for this? How do you apply? And how can you be successful? Rather than adding to an already saturated market, we have put together a funding toolkit of some of the best resources out there to help answer all of these questions. Some of the focus here will be on Arts Council England (ACE). ACE is one of the most notable organisations in England for supplying funding to organisations, artists, events, and initiatives. It also has one of the lengthier application processes and can be very competitive. However, these tips should help you to have the best chance you can at securing funding and can be used for a variety of application types.

The White Pube

The White Pube Funding Library

The team over at The White Pube,  (the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad),  have put together resources to help you successfully apply for arts funding,  from a variety of organisations including ACE. Reading their successful applications will allow you to get an idea of how to write your own. And, if you are successful in your application, you can submit it to add to their database so others can learn from you.

The Uncultured templates

The Uncultured templates

For those applying for ACE funding, the templates can be a bit confusing, especially if it is your first time submitting. The Uncultured have put together some of their own templates for how to apply which are more digestible, covering the New Project Grants Under £30k and Developing Your Creative Practice, as well as the Old Project Grants Under £15k report.

For those unaware, ACE has a few different grants. The Project Grants Under £15k does not exist anymore, but they still have the template for the final report. They currently have the New Projects Grants Under £30k. This supports a broad range of creative and cultural projects that benefit people living in England. There is also the Developing Your Creative Practice Grant, which supports individuals who are cultural and creative practitioners and want to take time to focus on their creative development.

DASH's tips

DASH’s Top Ten Tips

Sometimes it is important to get a bit of guidance before your start applying. DASH, which is a Disabled led visual arts charity, has put together some of their top tips. Although the charity is disabled led, they are useful to anyone and everyone. It is said that ‘Commissioners tell us they get many applications that don’t cover the commission’s brief, are far too long, and are not easy to read’. Their guide aims to explain the process in simple terms, so it is a great place to start if you are new to funding.

ACAVA Resources for artists

ACAVA Resources for artists

Whether you’re a visual artist, writer, musician, or filmmaker it can be complicated to find funding that is more specific to you craft. ACAVA has put together a page of useful information for artists and creative practitioners about funding, grants, residencies, fellowships, open calls, work opportunities and wellbeing, which is regularly updated. This includes a list of funding opportunities which encompass a variety of different mediums such as sculpture, painting, photography and much more.

Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Foundation Signpost: Funding and Resources for UK Based Artists and Artist-Led Organisations

Just like ACAVA, the Jerwood Foundation have also put together a list for UK Based Artists and Artist-Led Organisations. This includes UK focused funding from other funders, arts organisations, and partners. Jerwood Arts is the leading independent funder dedicated to supporting early-career UK artists, curators and producers to develop and thrive, so they understand the importance of funding and artistic freedom of expression. They also provide their own funding, so they are definitely worth trying out.

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