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5 Podcasts to Feed Your Creativity

5 Podcasts to Feed Your Creativity

If you’re looking for ways to unleash your creativity, unpack art history and gain practical insight from creative industry professionals – here’s 5 podcasts you’re sure to enjoy.

Lecture in Progress

Lecture In Progress: Creative Lives

Lecture in Progress: Creative Lives

Started by It’s Nice That founder, Will Hudson, Lecture in Progress aims to both inform and inspire the next generation of talent. If you are looking for practical advice and insights from professionals working across the creative industries, the Creative Lives feature could be the series for you.

Each episode profiles an interesting creative career, enabling listeners to really get to know the people talking. Explore the journeys of those who make the industry flourish – from their formal education to how they landed their first job.

Tune in to Natalie Kane, curator of digital design at the V&A, discuss her unusual career trajectory. Rising Director, Joel Honeywell, emphasize the necessity of bold career moves and storyboard artist, Oliver Hamilton, review his time at Cartoon Network.

Listen to Creative Lives here.

The Lonely Palette

The Lonely Palette

The Lonely Palette

Art history can often seem a little intimidating to tackle. This captivating podcast is a means of making the subject accessible to the masses, ridding the term of its ‘snooty associations’ and rendering it a fascinating pursuit of observational storytelling.

Each episode of this podcast is dedicated to unpacking one piece of art, ranging from ancient masterpieces to conceptual performances. Hosted by art historian, Tamar Avishai, unsuspecting museum guests are interviewed about what they are looking at. After hearing the feedback of passers-by, Avishai delves into the history of the work, the artist’s influences, inspirations and anecdotes.

Sit back and investigate the monumental Torqued Ellipses of Richard Serra and unpack C.M Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” – described by an onlooker as ‘awfully perfect’.

The Lonely Palette successfully introduces a visual medium, in an entirely non-visual format. The Charming and enthusiastic manner in which Avishai tells stories, transports you to the museum site and makes for an absorbing listening experience.

Listen to The Lonely Palette here.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible

99% Invisible

Design is everywhere we look. 99% Invisible explores the thought that goes into the things we don’t tend to dwell on – the unnoticed architecture and design that shapes our world.

Hosted by Roman Mars (also a founding member of Radiotopia), this podcast is a weekly exploration of the power and process behind architecture and design.

This podcast is for the inherently curious; if you want to know the origin of the fortune cookie or Sigmund Freud’s chair of choice – it’s worth a listen.

Listen to 99% Invisible here.

State Of The Art

State Of The Art

State Of The Art

In 2017, Ethan James Appleby, CEO and Founder of Vango Art, launched the State Of The Art podcast series. Each week the host, Andrew Herman, interviews leaders who are at the forefront of technology’s role in the art world.

This podcast is a thorough exploration of the impact that technology has had on the way that artists create. Each episode aims to illuminate the radical changes in our interactions with art.

Some of the relevant topics tackled include: our perception of contemporary art, technology’s impact on collecting and valuation, sustainability and digital art galleries.

Listen to the State Of The Art here.

Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk

The Creative Pep Talk podcast is all about helping creative’s strike that all important balance between art and business. Host, Andy J. Miller, is a full-time freelance illustrator with a graphic design background. Episodes are built to help creatives think of fresh tactics to get their work seen and connect with their audience.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, freelancer or an aspiring artist, you can seek solace and insight through insightful artist interviews and humorous anthologies.

Listen to Creative Pep Talk here.

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