Meet our Zealous Amplify: Environment Winners

With Zealous Amplify: Environment coming to a close, we are so excited to tell you all about our winners!

First Place – Zillah Bowes

‘ALLOWED’ by Zillah Bowes

Zillah Bowes is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice in film, photography poetry, installation and sculpture, often combining disciplines. With a spiritual enquiry around climate change and biodiversity, her work frequently explores the relationship between the individual and the natural environment.

ALLOWED is a film using 3D-animated photographs of wild urban growth in Cardiff, Wales. Plants and flowers are allowed to grow wild, with green spaces uncut, inviting new pollinators and wildlife. Following a lyrical spoken journey through the city, ALLOWED re-examines our relationship with urban plant life in the context of biodiversity loss and the climate crisis.

You can find more of Zillah’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Second Place – Sam Williams

‘Deep in The Eye and The Belly’ by Sam Williams

Sam Williams is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice, working across moving-image, collage, choreography and text.

‘Deep in The Eye and The Belly’ is an ongoing body of work entwining stories of cetacean bodies with imagined oceanic futures in which these bodies become shelter for humans who returned to the oceans in the wake of climate collapse.

You can find more of Sam’s work on his website and Instagram.

Third Place – Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

‘The Earth is our home’ by Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

Mithail Afrige Chowdhury is a documentary and street photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the top plastic polluted country in the world. Bangladesh generates approximately 3000 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Most of it end up in landfills and waterbodies causing serious threats to environment. Environmentalists say that plastic can exist in soil and water for years as it is not biodegradable and it may turn into leachate, get mixed with food chain and enter human body. Mitahail’s photographic series demonstrate our relationship to the environment.

You can find more of Mithail’s work on his website and Instagram. 

Public Vote – Luminara Star Florescu

‘Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)’ by Luminara Star Florescu

Luminara Florescu is a British born artist, curator, artist mentor and mother based in rural Somerset.

‘Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)’ is an immersive film installation which presents a filmic exploration that delves into the profound act of resting in nature. Capturing local natural landscapes, including the enchanting Lavender and Sunflower Fields near Castle Cary, the viewer is invited to rest to gain time, space and stillness to re-imagine who we are in relationship to nature.

You can find more of Luminara’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Congratulations to all of our winners! You can watch the full winners announcement over on our Instagram page.


Bethan Jayne Goddrd

Community Manager

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