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Increase applications

  • View real-time income & applications
  • Boost submissions with automatic reminders
  • Seamless payment flow, secured through Stripe
  • Accurate portrayal of entrants with rich media (images, videos, 3D models…)
  • Automated invoicing
  • Let candidates edit submissions until close
Unlimited Uploads
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We received our highest number of submissions, an increase of 22%!

Laura Evans

Create your award in minutes

  • Customisable application & selection process
  • Multiple fee structures (e.g. 2 for 1…)
  • Automate communications with judges & candidates
  • Secure interest by getting into applicants diaries with our add to calendar feature
  • Solve common queries by editing at any time
  • Robust, scalable and secure infrastructure
Unlimited Uploads
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Automatic Reminders
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Zealous is remarkable. A promotional profile that easily allows submission to competitions.

Elizabeth Mizon

Delight your judges

simple submissions selection screenshot
  • Restrict submissions to judge through rounds
  • Simple, smooth & fun online judging process
  • Grow your audience with public voting
  • Download PDFs for offline judging
  • Eliminate bias with anonymous judging
  • Mobile friendly, no app download needed
Remote Judging
Anonymous Scoring
Score by Criteria
Public Vote

So easy to use, it allowed all the judges to access everything necessary, making the whole process much more straightforward.

Dan Goode
Making Goode (Founder)

Pick the best projects easily

  • Seamlessly manage thousands of submissions
  • All applicants information in one place
  • Automatic average score calculation
  • Powerful search & filter functions
  • Contact candidates at any time
  • Paperless process (good on the wallet, and the environment)
Data Exports
Scalable & Secure

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