Creating an API Key

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Summary: How to create an API key on Zealous to connect to other services.

Enterprise Feature

Zealous secures all your API requests with account-specific API keys. Just like passwords keep your profile secure. API keys prevent others from accessing your data directly from our database. If a key is missing, or does not match your account, Zealous will return an error.

You will need to create an API key on Zealous before connecting to any external services. You can manage your keys easily on your Settings page under the API Keys tab.

Keep your keys safe!

Your API keys are powerful, allowing anyone to view entries and payments made to your opportunities. To keep them safe:

  • Only share access with trusted services you really need.
  • Avoid putting keys in version control systems.
  • Use a password manager or secrets management service to control key access.
  • Never put a key where it could be seen by attackers, like in a mobile app, or worst still, a published article.

Creating an API Key

  • Log in to Zealous
  • Go to your Settings page
  • Click on the API tab
  • Click on the purple create API Key button
  • On the popup. Type in a name for your key. It’s best to name it after the service you will be connecting to Zealous. Having separate keys for different services allows you to delete keys as these services are no longer needed without impacting the others.
  • Click Add
  • To copy your API key, click on the link icon. This will add your key to your clipboard to paste into the service you wish to link to Zealous.
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Creating an API Key

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