On New Payment

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Summary: A breakdown of the data returned to you through the Zealous API when a new payment made for an entry.


Payment Returns the data of any new submissions made to a specific opportunity belonging to your account.

This includes all works made as part of this submission, as well as payment information for that one entry.


api_key (required)

The API key you have generated on Zealous. Keep it safe, since it gives anyone with it access to your data.

opportunity_id (required)

The ID of the opportunity you wish this webhook to listen to.

entry_id (optional)

The ID of the entry you wish to load.


Payment Returns the Submission object belonging to the opportunity_id.

This includes:

Submission (submission_…)

All information relating to the submission, such as key dates, the title, description, unique ids and more. All data linked to the submission object starts with submission_

Candidate (candidate_…)

Data relating to the candidate making the submissions such as name, address, email, phone number and more. All data linked to the submission object starts with candidate_

Added Works (“works”:[…])

A list of objects added to this submission. This could be an upload, embed or text element. Each object contains it’s own data relating to it. Such as the web address of the upload, the name, id, and dimension’s of it (if applicable in your process). All data linked to works can be found in the “works” : […] list.

Payment Details (“payment”:)

If you take a payment, the “payment:” object will also be provided with details such as amount, currency, tax breakdown etc.

  "invoice_marked_uncollectible_at": null,
  "invoice_due_at": null,
  "amount_paid": "13.2",
  "amount_remaining": "0.0",
  "invoice_pdf": "https://pay.stripe.com/invoice/acct_1Nuexs2a7v1UzkOI/test_YWNjdF8xTnVleHMyYTd2MVV6a09JLF9Pa3ljNlU5bTNKN1l1VzJBSTlQRGZQUHFCa3FqdkdmLDg4MDI4ODYw0200Fms8OIeB/pdf?s=ap",
  "invoice_paid_at": "2023-10-04T10:52:06+0000",
  "total_tax_amounts": [
      "amount": "2.2",
      "display_name": "vat 20",
      "percentage": 20,
      "state": null,
      "country": null,
      "tax_type": null,
      "taxability_reason": null,
      "taxable_amount": "11.0",
      "inclusive": false
  "candidate_tax_exempt": "none",
  "stripe_charge": "ch_3NxSgU2a7v1UzkOI198QRmxe",
  "submission_paid": "true",
  "candidate_company_name": null,
  "candidate_tax_ids": [],
  "candidate_id": null,
  "zealous_fee_invoice_url": "https://invoice.stripe.com/i/acct_1D4qn6FAMce7Ckx0/test_YWNjdF8xRDRxbjZGQU1jZTdDa3gwLF9Pa3llOEFTb0JXWENqd21FemFLZTJCNXhrS3MwOHVwLDg4MDI4ODYx0200XgVXIvzu?s=ap",
  "invoice_created_at": "2023-10-04T10:51:03+0000",
  "total": "13.2",
  "zealous_fee_invoice_pdf": "https://pay.stripe.com/invoice/acct_1D4qn6FAMce7Ckx0/test_YWNjdF8xRDRxbjZGQU1jZTdDa3gwLF9Pa3llOEFTb0JXWENqd21FemFLZTJCNXhrS3MwOHVwLDg4MDI4ODYx0200XgVXIvzu/pdf?s=ap",
  "opportunity_name": "test zapier with payment",
  "zealous_fee_tax_amounts": [
  "invoice_id": "in_1NxSfT2a7v1UzkOIOPh5Lwnt",
  "currency": "gbp",
  "amount_due": "13.2",
  "id": null,
  "candidate_name": "test",
  "billing_address_country": "United Kingdom",
  "candidate_email": null,
  "billing_address_line1": "rrrr",
  "billing_address_line2": null,
  "payment_method": "card",
  "billing_address_city": "London",
  "total_excluding_tax": "11.0",
  "zealous_fee_amount": "0.49",
  "candidate_stripe_id": "cus_Oi5Glu85y0xfjn",
  "candidate_phone": "+201006084343",
  "invoice_finalized_at": "2023-10-04T10:52:06+0000",
  "opportunity_id": "MnXZOY02sqyGqi3Qm5Cc",
  "billing_address_postcode": "561 111",
  "invoice_voided_at": null,
  "stripe_fee_amount": "0.63",
  "stripe_payment_intent": "pi_3NxSgU2a7v1UzkOI1EJWflXT",
  "invoice_url": "https://invoice.stripe.com/i/acct_1Nuexs2a7v1UzkOI/test_YWNjdF8xTnVleHMyYTd2MVV6a09JLF9Pa3ljNlU5bTNKN1l1VzJBSTlQRGZQUHFCa3FqdkdmLDg4MDI4ODYw0200Fms8OIeB?s=ap",
  "status": "paid"
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On New Payment

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