Current trends in contemporary media arts

FLUX Events in collaboration with Guy Armitage (CEO Zealous) propose a panel discussion for the 2018 EVA conference. Armitage has been a spearhead for promoting the importance of creativity in the UK economy and has advocated the creation of a new category for the media artists within this promoting their importance to the masses.


Getting with the programme

Explore partnerships between science, diversity, and creativity. Ensuring the most is made of a festival programme. Including diversity ‘on the stage’ to the festival experience as a whole, ensuring creativity and playfulness is at the heart of everything.


BIMA Breakfast Briefing

Close the year with a Breakfast Briefing that packs a punch, showing you the top tech trends that really matter for 2018. Get a jumpstart and discover where and how you can harness 2018's predictions to create innovative and impactful work for your clients


Diversity in Technology Conference

There is little doubt that diversity is good for business. Our personal and collective experiences enrich the business we represent regardless of our given physical attributes. Watch our Founder, Guy Armitage share a journey through the mind, types of thought and how businesses have harnessed the power of curating creativity within teams to excel in their work.