Submitting on Zealous

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Zealous was built to simplify the process of managing submissions for candidates, judges and the organisations hosting the opportunity. 

Each opportunity listed on our site is customised by it’s host. The questions you are asked, how and when you receive your results and what you need to submit will vary from opportunity to opportunity. 

Some opportunities may need you to upload a specific work, others may ask for a project proposal. 

Be sure to read guidelines carefully to know what the hosts of the opportunity require from you.

When submitting you will be taken through a series of steps. Your work will be saved after each step, allowing you to come back to it and complete it later. 

You need to complete the following step for your submission to be made successfully

  1. Review the guidelines
  2. Add the work you are submitting
  3. Fill out the application form
  4. Make the payment (optional)
  5. Confirmation
Complete all steps to be submit successfully

Your submission won’t be made until all the steps above have been completed. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application has been made.

Next Step: Guidelines 🞂

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Submitting on Zealous

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