Zealous key words

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We often get questions about different key words we use on the site, so we have put together a list of some of them.

  • Opportunity – An opportunity is what an organization sets up for creatives to apply for. This could include an open call, a residency, or an award.

  • Submission – What is used to apply to for an opportunity. It also applies to the step when you upload the main items for the judges to see.

  • Item – What is uploaded or added to a submission. This could be a file, embedded video link, or a piece of text.

  • Round – Rounds are used to split up judging. For example, it could be used to have a longlist, a shortlist, and finalists.

  • Anonymous Judging - When judging, the judges will not be able to see the information of the applicants. Hence, they will be anonymous.

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