Editing basic information

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The basic info page is made up of a few different sections: 

Overview – allows you to edit the type of opportunity, title, description, and opportunity image

What talent do you need? – includes the specific fields and roles your opportunity is aimed at, but this is not editable after the opportunity is first drafted

Where should the talent be based? – includes specific locations for the opportunity, but it is not editable after the opportunity is first drafted.

The location, as well as the roles, are important because as it helps us to share the opportunities meaningfully on our network, which will complement your marketing efforts. 

A customised email goes out to those members who signed up for recommendations once every 2 weeks.

Rewards – allows you to add different types of rewards, which helps to create a buzz around your opportunity

You can preview these changes at any time by clicking the ‘preview’ button at the top right hand corner of the page.

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