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Zealous makes taking submissions as simple as possible by automating actions during the life-cycle of your opportunity. 

Your opportunity will first be drafted and then published. Once the opportunity is published, the automated lifecycle will begin.

The draft step is triggered when the opportunity is created and none of the information is public until your open call is published. 

This step is triggered once you click the publish button and the opportunity will be shared on out opportunity page if you make it public.

The status of your opportunity on Zealous at this point will depend on when your submissions open. 

You can now begin to market your call to encourage submissions.

This step is triggered automatically based on submission dates in your schedule.

Submissions will automatically open as soon as the submissions open date is reached, and will continue to be opened until the closing time is reached.

You can edit most of the details for your opportunity even once submissions have opened, with a few exceptions.

This step is triggered automatically for each round in your schedule.

If you’ve invited judges, they will be able to start scoring entries at this point, if you haven’t you can begin making your selection for the current round.

Once the round announcement date passes, this will automatically start the next round. If this was your last round this will terminate the process of selection.

Once you have manually confirmed your final selection and the final announcement date is reached, the opportunity will be closed. You can duplicate this opportunity to save time in the future. 


These actions depend on how you set up your call, such as how many rounds you have, and whether you invite judges.

Here are some examples:

  1. Submissions open
  2. Submissions close
  3. Selection
  1. Submissions open
  2. Submissions close
  3. Judging 
  4. Selection
  1. Submissions open
  2. Submissions close
  3. Round 1 selection 
  4. Round 2 selection 
  5. Repeat for as many rounds as you have  
  1. Submissions open 
  2. Submissions close
  3. Round 1 judging 
  4. Round 1 selection 
  5. Round  judging 
  6. Round 2 selection 
  7. Repeat for as many rounds as you have

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