Editing rounds

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Please note that editing the current round may make previous automated communication with judges inaccurate (e.g. dates to start judging / end judging).

If you have invited judges and are editing the dates for their round – we advise you email them to let them know the judging dates have changed.

You can make changes to your round any time before the round is confirmed.

To edit a round:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go to your opportunity dashboard

  3. Click on 'Schedule & Rounds' on the bottom left menu

  4. Click on the pencil or gear icon on the right of the round you (the gear indicates many options for this round - e.g. edit and delete. The pencil indicates only one option e.g. edit)

  5. Make any changes and save

It is really important to note that dates need to be changed backwards. For example, if you want to extend the closing date of your opportunity, you need to start with judging and work back to the opportunity closing date. 

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