Setting up your application form

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You can edit the application form once you have drafted the opportunity. You could add things such as artist statements and supporting statements.

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go the dashboard of your opportunity 

  3. Click 'Application Form' on the left hand menu

  4. Make any changes to the application form, including adding questions and what type they are, making fields mandatory, and choosing if they are visible to judges

  5. Preview your changes by clicking the preview button at the top right corner

There are a few different types of question you can pick from. 

A simple yes or no check box. You can set the question, but the options will also be yes and no.

This is a simple text box, which allows for a written answer. You can set a maximum word count for this.

A question where the applicant selects one option as the answer.  You have the ability to set all of the options.

The same as the listbox, however applicants can select multiple options.

This involves the input of a number, with the ability to set a minimum and a maximum. 

This question allows for the input of a date, which can be used for dates of birth. You can set a date range if needed. 

Similar to the ‘text’ type of question, but there is the ability to edit the look of the text, such as making it bold and forming it in to paragraphs, which is good for personal statements. You can set a maximum word count.

A place to upload images and documents, which can be used for supporting material or CVs. You can specify what files types you want.

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