Copying an opportunity

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Copying an opportunity can be really useful, especially when you want to to repeat a call. For example, you may have an annual award. 

You are able to change the URL of the opportunity this way, as there will be no submissions or judges.

When you duplicate an opportunity, most things stay the same. There a few things which will not carry across: 

  • Dates

  • Judges

  • Submissions

To duplicate an opportunity:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go to your opportunities page

  3. Find the opportunity you want to copy and click the cog icon at the top right

  4. Press 'Copy Opportunity' 

  5. When copying, a pop-up will appear - enter the new title and what you want the URL to be and create copy

  6. Go in to your new opportunity to make any changes and publish it

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