Applicants Report

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The Applicants Report is a complete breakdown of all applications you have received, including answers to your application forms. This is good if you want to see all of your applications in one place.

For individual information about the works that have been submitted (dimensions, price…) you will need to download the works report.

The reports are split since candidates can submit multiple works in one submission.

All of your submissions can be downloaded as a CSV file. This is ideal should you wish to import data into other services, or wish to mailmerge results to candidates (if you’ve chosen to switch off our automated emails).

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the submissions page of the opportunity
  3. Select the works you want. If you want to download all of the entries, go to the tick box at the top left hand corner. Click the arrow next to it and select ‘all’
  4. Click the ‘Download Entries’ button and select ‘Applicants (CSV)’
  5. This will run the report and download it directly into your browser, as well as emailing you a copy

The submissions report contains the following information:

  • shortID
  • Created
  • Last Update
  • Published Date
  • Status
  • Submitted Project URL
  • Submitted Project Name
  • Submitted Project Description
  • Submitted Project Field
  • Sub Category (if a Child Category is used, the Child Category will appear here instead of the Subcategory)
  • Submitted Project Image (Original)
  • Public Votes
  • Creative ID
  • Creative URL
  • Creative First Name
  • Creative Surname
  • Creative Nickname
  • Creative Description
  • Creative Role
  • Creative Email
  • Creative Phone number
  • Creative Line1
  • Creative Line2
  • Creative Postcode
  • Creative City
  • Creative Country
  • Creative Image (Original)
  • Plus any questions on your application form.
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Applicants Report

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