Adding guidelines

Estimated reading: 1 minute

The guidelines are really important, as these are what the applicants will see on the opportunity page and on the first step of the submission process. These could include: 

  • What you expect of the applicants

  • Any additional steps of the process

  • What files and types you are looking for

  • Specifications of the work you will display

  • Any time specifications, such as delivery 

  • Terms and conditions 

This can also include adding files, embedding media and adding text sections, all of which can be moved around. You can use these to show examples of past work or highlight sponsers.

All these changes can be previewed at any time by clicking the ‘preview’ button at the top right hand of the page, and it is important to save any changes you make to ensure you do not lose them.

To edit the guidelines: 

  1. Find your opportunity

  2. Go to the opportunity dashboard

  3. Find 'guidelines' on the opportunity menu

  4. Make any changes to the guidelines and save 

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