Improving the submission process

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The submission process is entirely customisable, and it is important to get the most out of it as possible.

A good way to see if you need to improve your process is to keep an eye on the ‘Application Journey’. This is a graph which shows you what the average application journey looks like, and where most people are dropping out. For example, if lots of people are stopping their application are the form, then there is something in the application form which is confusing them. 

There are various different stages in the journey:

  • Recommended – this number how many times it was shown via any Zealous channel, such as Explore and recommendation emails
  • Guidelines – the opportunity may have been shown to many users but after reading the Guidelines, they may have not felt it was ‘relevant’ to them and organisers may see a drop between Recommended and Guidelines.
  • Project – if the applicant gets passed the Guidelines, they will be on the Project step. A decline here may be that there is some confusion over what to submit
  • Form – Form relates to the application form step, and a decline in numbers may be due to a lack of clarity over the questions set
  • Confirm – this is the final step. Applicants may wait to confirm until they have finalised their submission completely

If you are wanting to get the most amount of applicants to the confirmation step, it is important to keep everything as simple as possible. You want creatives to be able to full understand the guidelines and what is needed from them, as well as questions which are easily answerable. 

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Improving the submission process

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